I am a collector; and I wish I could have great amounts of money and space to bring all the beautiful things that I find and put them in one space.  But, because I can't buy all and don't have that space I decided to collect them virtually.  So, I created this website to storage all my "stuff", and also to keep track from where they come from...  because I always want to come back to get more stuff! 
Well, this is just a cute joke!  This a design library/website/blog of an Interior Designer who wants to keep track of all that she find interesting, beautiful and useful for her interior design projects.  Hope you can find something beautiful there, and bring it to your project.  If you do, I would appreciate if you share that with me...  I love to collect, but I love to share too!

{Ah, I was forgetting: The "fury little creature" on my arms has been the most beautiful and luxurious
finds of my life _ so far...}.


Renata Gross  

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